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Horror apologetics

What place for horror? This article does a great job of listing possible reasons why some people enjoy the genre, and it even does this coming from a non-horror fan perspective. But of course, as a horror fan, I feel like I need to comment :) There's something that, I think, Rick's article doesn't emphasize enough, something paradoxically sympathetic to his sensibilities that he misses about Horror, because the genre's odor is, to be fair, rather strong.

But before I get to deep stuff I also must acknowledge that Horror is trashy in a way other genres don't seem to be. Sturgeon's Law is universal: 90%+ of everything is crud, but somehow the stereotypical Bad Movie is a Horror one. Indeed, it may well be that it was around Horror, or around Horror-infused fare like certain SF films of the 50s, that the "So Bad It's Good" style of movie enjoyment sprung up.

There's material enough in the "So Bad It's Good" concept for another artic…